Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

So two months a really cool thing happened. 
I got engaged to my very best friend!

Immediately after my head started spinning with a mixture of excitement that I get to be with him forever, color schemes of bridesmaids' dresses and flowers, and how that Pinterest board will finally be put to use. With so many ideas out there from the internet and of course my mother, grandmother, aunts, and every person I pass by on the street, the task of actually planning a wedding becomes very overwhelming very quickly.  To make things even more hasty we decided to get married at the end of December...of this year, conveniently after I will have spent 3 months in Europe studying abroad this fall.  If you are reading this and thinking I'm crazy, I'm already fully aware of that fact. But hey, doesn't love make you do crazy things? (Bad joke, I know.) 

As I race off to the altar and begin planning my life with that hunk up there, I decided to take you along for the journey, the beauty journey that is. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or just a guest each Wednesday I'll be testing out different products, looks, and sharing helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to make sure you look naturally stunning for that exciting day. 

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