Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Principle of Primer

Wedding Wednesday: Primer

No matter what time your wedding is at you will surely have your makeup on for at least 10 hours.  In those 10 hours you will be under the sun taking pictures, maybe on a stage of a banquet hall, and definitely on the dance floor.  Your makeup needs to look just as fresh and flawless as it was the moment you saw yourself unveiled by the makeup artist. While you can leave much of the makeup up to your makeup artist, if you have one, but a primer is something you should test out in the months prior. To help the selection be a little easier I've put together 4 primers perfect for every skin type. 

D R Y 

     Many dry skinned damsels flee at the sight of primers because they are usually linked to mattifying the skin of oil which will only accentuate the dry patches on their faces.  But no need to  be in distress any longer, this primer by Smashbox is formulated to hydrate the skin.  It will smooth over the dry patches and help makeup lay on top evenly. 


    The Hourlgass primer is a tried and true product by all oily gals.  It's most reigning achievement is how incredibly light weight it feels on the skin unlike most mattifying primers.  Many reviewers post of 12-16 hours of wear for their makeup! 

     This formula minimizes pores like a dream.  Like the Hourglass it boasts of 12 hour wear.  It also is incredibly fast absorbing, which leaves your skin feeling fresh rather than stuck with another layer of makeup. 

C O M B O 

     If you struggle with dryness on your cheeks and oil in the t-zone then come over and join the combo club.  I personally love this Too Faced primer.  It has a flesh tone color which aids in evening out the skin and leaves your face looking poreless.  My favorite feature is how it is oddly hydrating yet mattifying in all the right places. 

Hopefully this list helps in your search for the perfect primer. My biggest tip when testing out primers is to ask for samples.  They can usually last you about 1-2 weeks of use and perfect time to test it out for all days and occasions. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: All About Skin

Your bridal look is a very important aspect of the wedding process, but like I've said many times before, no makeup look will look its best when the skin underneath is not at its best.  And on your wedding day the best is all you want! So before we jump into any beauty products and looks in the upcoming weeks we first have to talk about bridal skin care.  Today I will be sharing with you three categories of products every bride needs to add to their routine in the upcoming months to her wedding to guarantee skin that is clear, smooth, and glowing.

Wedding Wednesday: Skin

M A S K S 

A mask is a great way to intensely target your skin's problems.  I recommend using a mask once of twice a month depending on your skin's needs. GlamGlow masks are the queen of all masks.  If you want to revolutionize your face, these are the only way to go. 

     Skin Type: Dry, Dull
     This mask is a great one to use the day before your wedding to really hydrate and plump up the skin.  The extra hydration will help your makeup go on more smoothly and you will surely have that bridal glow. 

     Skin Type: All
     This is the mask that made GlamGlow famous.  It is the perfect exfoliating mask that will leave                  your face incredibly smooth and glowing. 

     Skin Type: Acne-Prone
     This mask will deeply cleanse the skin of all the impurities trapped in every pore.  I suggest to use the hydrating mask the next day to help revive your skin from the extreme clean. (Note: If you have problematic skin, head to the dermatologist ASAP, they will be able to help you the most by finding a routine that will clear up your skin before your big day.)


Serums are something I recommend to everyone regardless if they are getting married.  A serum is a great way to regularly nourish your skin and prevent premature aging, wrinkles, and help the overall wellness of your skin. 

   I love Argan oil.  It has so many different uses from skin care to hair care and more.  The light version is the one I recommend the most because it will be suitable for both dry and oily skin types. 

    This is a classic serum.  It is great for all skin types and ages.  Your grandmother, mother, and aunt probably use it, so you should too. 

E Y E  C R E A M 

On your wedding day your eyes will most likely be the feature you choose to highlight with your makeup.  You don't want to have dry skin around your eyes or little lines that trap concealer, so implementing an eye cream into your routine will help prevent these problems.

     Putting creams around your eyes on a regular basis can cause some people to worry but this all natural cream is super safe for your sensitive peepers.  This cream has lots of antioxidants which help the puffiness, darkness, and lack of elasticity in your eyes. 

     This eye cream is super hydrating and increases the cell renewal.  It has great intensity, perfect for mature skin or very problematic under eyes. 

Whether you implement all three of these or just one you're sure to improve your skin by your wedding day and have beautiful radiant skin. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Whether you are doing your makeup your self or hiring a professional, everyone needs to start from some sort of inspiration.  Your dress and decor may go out of style but your bridal look should not.  The key to anything bridal is to capture your natural beauty and personality. This is not the time to try out that purple liner or chic tangerine lip.

Glam Wedding

Glitzy hair pieces and old hollywood waves are the perfect glamorous bridal look. They are the perfect styles that won't date your pictures. 

Winged liner and a bold lip scream glam! Make sure you test out winged liner throughout the months before your wedding to figure out what thickness and shape most flatters your eye shape. 

Romantic Wedding

A curly side chignon and type knot are incredibly romantic.  
The chignon is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles because of how effortless it looks.  The key to pulling off the topknot is to make it a bit messy like the bride above.  The more clean and pulled back it is, it will fall more on the glam (Kim K) side of things.

Romantic inspired makeup is all about soft blended looks.  
Neutral eyes and rosy cheeks will always win over your groom and your guests.

Bohemian Wedding

Two rules:
1. The messier the better
2. Flower crown, always

Bohemian makeup tends to sway to the two extremes of makeup.  
The first would be a very messy smokey look of neutral colors. The second would be almost no makeup at all, emphasize your features with a light lining of the lash line with eyeshadow and a neutral lip.

There are so many options to choose from and it can be quite overwhelming! But the most important rule to live by is to find a style that will reflect your personality.  Choose a style that you will be happy to look on 20 years from now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

So two months a really cool thing happened. 
I got engaged to my very best friend!

Immediately after my head started spinning with a mixture of excitement that I get to be with him forever, color schemes of bridesmaids' dresses and flowers, and how that Pinterest board will finally be put to use. With so many ideas out there from the internet and of course my mother, grandmother, aunts, and every person I pass by on the street, the task of actually planning a wedding becomes very overwhelming very quickly.  To make things even more hasty we decided to get married at the end of December...of this year, conveniently after I will have spent 3 months in Europe studying abroad this fall.  If you are reading this and thinking I'm crazy, I'm already fully aware of that fact. But hey, doesn't love make you do crazy things? (Bad joke, I know.) 

As I race off to the altar and begin planning my life with that hunk up there, I decided to take you along for the journey, the beauty journey that is. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or just a guest each Wednesday I'll be testing out different products, looks, and sharing helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to make sure you look naturally stunning for that exciting day. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rompin' Round

Rompers are my favorite pieces to wear in the summer.  They are no fuss outfits perfect for those lazy summer days. Pair them with the right shoes and accessories and they can easily go from the beach to a night out.  When shopping for rompers if you want simple cuts get it in a graphic and when looking for simple color look for interesting cuts.  This will keep the outfit looking exciting and you can wear that romper with confidence. 

Check out my favorite romper and shoe combos closer and shop the looks here!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: L'OREAL Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Now I'm not much of a primer girl.  I have never really seen the purpose for them since most of them are to control oil and minimize pores, which are two things I've never needed to fix.  After seeing a couple of reviews about this L'OREAL Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer ($12.99) by some ladies with drier skin I knew I needed to try it.  I've put it to the test for the past two weeks and here are my thoughts. 

- "boost's skin natural luminosity"
- "skin texture is smoothed & toned to provide a perfect canvas" 

- skin is left very smooth
- makes foundations look more luminous (perfect to pair with matte foundations to keep from looking flat and cakey)
- doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy
- makes foundation last longer
- pump makes for easy and hygienic application

- smells like plastic 
- if you use a whole pump it can leave your skin looking grayish 

(get ready for very large pictures of my arm/hand that look like I'm 400 lbs)
(it's really hard to take pretty pictures of your hand -- props to hand models)

I really like this primer! I would recommend it most to dry skinned girls because as you can see from the second picture it will create a very glowy complexion.  If you have oily/combination skin and still want to try this out I recommend only placing it on the tops of the cheek bones and down the bridge of the nose to avoid your oily and more porous areas or mix half a pump with your matte foundation to create a luminous complexion while still controlling the oil. 

How do you feel about primers?
Tell me your faves or fails below. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Skincare: Current Toners and Eye Cream

A lot of people have said they want to know more about my skincare in the comments of my latest posts.  So I'm giving what the people want! Today's post revolves around my toners and eye cream I have currently been using.  Toning is only of my favorite parts of cleansing, it also is one of the most important that should not be skipped!  Even after cleansing, your skin isn't completely clean and toning gets rid of any excess dirt, oil, makeup, you name it.  I use two different tones, one for morning and one for night.

The Elizabeth Arden Refining Toner Lotion ($19 $10.96) is the one I use for the morning.  I don't cleanse in the morning because I see it as unnecessary since I didn't get very dirty while sleeping, it also helps keep my skin balanced.  This is my second bottle of the Elizabeth Arden toner and I love it.  It is very gentle, perfect to get rid of morning oil.

The Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener ($24.50) is my night time toner.  I found this a month ago and am obsessed! Not only is the packaging beautiful but the toner makes my skin incredibly soft.  It's also alcohol-free so it doesn't dry me out and is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

When it comes to eye cream I don't think you are ever too young to start using one.  If you are in your early 20s or late teens you won't need anti-aging properties yet, but definitely look for moisture and brightening powers.  This will keep your under eyes looking smooth and awake.  An added benefit is your concealer will go on much smoother and less likely to crease.  My current eye cream is the Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Eye Cream ($30 $18.22).  It keeps my eyes very hydrated and smooth, and I have seen a decrease in the sliding of my concealer.  It claims to have brightening agents but I haven't noticed a difference in the month I have used it.  Even though it has worked well I don't think I will purchasing it when it's done.  I would rather shell out a few more bucks for something a little stronger.

Tip: Check your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls before shelling out big bucks for your skin care.  I get all my Elizabeth Arden there!  They also house other big brands like Shiseido, Retinol, theBalm, and others, but it does differ at each location.

What toner and eye cream do you like using?

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