Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best: Highlighter

The Best: Highlighter
I feel like highlighter has just made it to the big screen of makeup in the last few years.
Many people I know still haven't taken advantage of its magic abilities to transform your face.
Highlighter is one of my favorite parts about makeup and sometimes I leave the house with only it and mascara. It makes a world of difference.

   This is one of Benefit's most famous products.  This liquid highlighter allows for perfect placement and blends beautifully.  *Tip: Use your fingers rather than a brush to get a more natural finish. 

   This product does it all! Not only can it be used as merely highlighter, BUT also as an allover face powder! And no, I pinky promise you won't have sparkle allover your face.  The powder is so finely milled you will be left with an angelic glow. (There are 6 shades to the collection that work for all skin tones!)

   Product and sponge in one! This highlighter is perfect for any on the go girl.  Swipe, blend, and your'e all done (no mirror needed, it's that easy!). 

   This is my ALL TIME favorite highlighter! Perfectly pigmented and leaves an incredibly smooth finish.  The golden tone is also perfect to be used as an everyday eye shadow, brow bone color, and to highlight the inner tear ducts.  What is even nicer, is that the packaging is HUGE! One of these will last you years, even with everyday use.  I have had mine for about 6 months and it looks like I have barely used any.  

    This copy-cat YSL 'Touche Eclat' highlighting pen from Maybelline is the best drugstore highlighter I could find unfortunately.  Though it is labeled as a concealer I would use it only on the high points of the face for highlighting purposes because it can be quite drying under the eyes.  

How do you use your highlighter and what are you favorites?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pin-Spiration: Fall Edition

Fall is not only favorite time of year but also my favorite time to "pin."
Chunky knits, riding boots, and pumpkins galore, what is there not to love about Pinterest right now?
Here are some of my favorite things this season. 

Come see these and more on my Pinterest!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: Oct 16, 2013

H A I R 
   I love knitted headwraps because they are so easy to put on when you need a quick hairstyle.  California may not get that cold compared to other states and countries but here in LA it can get pretty windy and my ears turn to icicles, so these headwraps keep my hair in place and my ears nice and toasty. 

F A S H I O N 
   Parkas are some of my favorite pieces for the fall.  They may seem a bit bulky but when paired with skinny jeans and riding boots, you can't go wrong. 

M A K E U P 
   I have been grabbing this mascara quite frequently this week.  The formula is super liquidy so it coats your lashes very quickly and holds a curl all day. It says it is volumizing, but I would classify it as more of a lengthening one.  It seems to have added fibers which really add to the length.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it is not the best layering mascara, because of the wet formula too many layers can give you a spidery effect. 

What are your favorites this week?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Best: Blush

The Best: Blush

Whenever I am applying my blush I find myself in such a nostalgic mood.
My first lesson of blush or makeup in general was watching 1945 movie The Dolly Sisters.
Two Swedish sisters that turn to the stage in song and dance in hopes of providing a better life for themselves and their gambling father.
I think I can contribute my love for makeup to their song Powder, Lipstick, and Rouge.
Rouge, what a lovely name.

   This pretty berry color will compliment even the fairest of skin tones. 

    Orange can often make people flee but really orange and apricot shades are some of the most universally flattering shades because of blend of warmth and cool undertones. 

    Luminoso is known for being the drugstore dupe of Nars' Orgasm.  It is the perfect peach shimmer that gives you an instant glow.  It is a makeup must have. 

    This pink is the perfect neutral toned pink for everyday and the cream formula adds a dewy finish that looks very natural. 

    Described as a muted strawberry red this blush will give you that innocent flush. 

Seriously think I am going to call blush rouge from now on. 
Whose with me?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Plum Problem

Plum Problem

If you haven't already guessed from the title, I am having quite the "plum problem."

On a recent trip to Sephora I just couldn't help myself from gravitating to all the rich plum and raspberry shades of lipsticks.  Just looking at the color made me want to wrap up in my coat and but on a beanie.  Though I found many shades I liked (YSL and Fresh being my favorites), I just couldn't believe the price tags (which they cleverly label microscopically under the product or not at all).
I guess I will be entering the weekend hunting for dupes for this coveted color or praying that my bank account will miraculously overflow with funds.

(left to right)

Have a beautiful weekend and let me know if you are loving plum shades as much as I am! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: October 10, 2013

H A I R 
   It has finally rained in Los Angeles! It was so nice but one thing that's not is humidity, and humidity means frizz for my naturally curly locks.  This hairspray is a weather proof spray that almost acts as a shield around the strands.  This is seriously magic but don't mistake it as a hairspray.  If you need to hold your style pair it with an actual hairspray. 

M A K E U P 
    Since it is finally fall, it is time to bust out those darker shadows.  My favorite way to wear darker shadows on a daily basis is to use my finger to push the color on the lid, UNDER the crease.  Then using a big fluffy brush blend it up to the crease for a perfectly sheer yet smoky look. This green shade is perfectly autumnal (yes that is a word) and will really enhance every eye color. 

F A S H I O N 
    I have been loving flowy lacy tunics recently.  They are such simple and quick pieces that are super comfortable for any day. 

What have you been enjoying this week?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Best: Bronzers

The Best: Bronzers

Bronzer is one face product that I can't leave the house without.
It instantly gives a subtle glow to the skin and somewhat disguises my ghost-like complexion during the cooler months.
Some think bronzer is only for the contour pros but everyone can bronze their skin like a flawlessly as long as you sweep it on the temples, below the cheekbones, and under the jaw.
For added warmth, dust some across the nose as well.

How often do you wear bronzer and what are your favorites?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: October 3 2013

H A I  R
Goody 1Ct Detangler Comb - $5.99
   Recently I chopped off about 5 inches of my hair.  I am loving it! No split ends in sight and my hair has so much added volume bounce.  The only downfall is I now have major tangles throughout the day from the new thickness at my ends.  Wide tooth combs are my rescue! They get the tangles without messing up my hair style. 

M A K E U P 
     If you haven't tried this foundation you are truly missing out.  I am so glad I finally decided to buy after listening and hearing all the rave reviews.  I was nervous because matte finishes usually enhance my normal to dry skin.  I had always just accepted I would never be able to use matte foundation and have to keep battling the mid day T-zone oil spill.  This is seriously foundation personally crafted by the skin angels.  It blends wonderfully, matches my skin tone perfectly, and dries with a powder finish that leaves me oil free the ENTIRE day, and I mean it I got at least 10 hours one day. I don't think I will ever use any other foundation.  If you are oily to combo skin this will work wonders, not trying this out would be like committing skin suicide.

Active by Old Navy Long Compression Pant - $26.40
    This may not be a very fashionable item, but it sure is comfortable.  I wear these from the moment I get home until the moment I wake up in the morning.  Sometimes I wish I could wear them everywhere, they are just that comfortable.  They also are very thick, so you won't have to worry about the sun making them see through.  If you are looking for some good Lululemon knock-offs you should give these a try. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best: Eyeliners

The Best: Eyeliners

Eyeliner is one of the products I love to play around with the most.
Whether you are creating a cat eye or dramatic wing you can do so much.
My challenge for all of you though is to branch out of the usual black or brown and play around with colors.  You will be amazed at how great your eyes will look.

P E N C I L 
    Urban Decay hands down makes the best colored eye pencils.  They are super creamy and last forever.  I love how blendable they are too! My favorites are Crash, Covet, El Dorado, and Binge. 
(These are the ones I wear on a daily basis.)

G E L 
MAC Fluidline - $16 
    I love gel eyeliner because I find it the easiest to work with. MAC Fluidline is perfect for all you winged out ladies.  It is super pigmented and won't budge all day. 

M A R K E R 
    This as quickly become a holy grail eyeliner for thousands of people.  The pen doesn't dry out and the tip is the perfect thickness to allow for thin and thick applications. I personally am not a fan of marker eyeliners because in all my experiences they dry out half way through the line, but I might just have to try again from the rave reviews I have been hearing. 

F E L T  T I P 
    I like felt tip brushes better than markers because you can dip back into the tube to get more product whenever you please.  This Maybelline eyeliner is really easy to use and is great for beginners. 

Do you wear eyeliner on the daily?
What color is your go-to? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Best: Mascara

The Best: Mascara

Mascara is one of the, if not THE, most important beauty product in a girl's everyday routine. 
The difference one swipe of mascara can make is astounding.
You can go from a half-dead zombie to a classic beauty in matter of seconds.
But with hundreds of different brands, wands, and formulas, it can be hard to find your lash-mate in heaven (see what I did there?).
No need to scour the beauty aisles any long because here are 
"The Best" five mascaras ever.

Benefit BADgal Lash - $19 (you can get a mini version for $10)
    BADgal Lash is a cult classic mascara with its XXL wand and furry bristles that will make your lashes look incredibly soft, feathery, and flirty.  The formula is also top notch.  It will hold your curl all day and keep your lashes looking full and long. 

If you are looking for: soft and full lashes 

   Cover Girl's Lash Blast has been a hit for many years, but it has been quickly moved to the side of makeup drawers for this brand new line.  The Clump Crusher, one of my all time favorites, gives length and separates easier than any mascara I have tried.  It also is the perfect mascara to layer over others, even throughout the day.  The tiny bristles really get into the root to crush those clumps. 

If you are looking for: long and defined lashes

Benefit They're Real - $23 (you can get a mini version for $10)
    This was my very first "high end" mascara I ever purchased and I don't regret it.  Like the Clump Crusher it has rubber bristles that really get into the roots.  But unlike the Clump Crusher, the bristles are long and the tip of the wand has a unique spiky ball(?) that helps you get those lashes near the corner of your eyes.  

If you are looking for: long, defined, and full lashes

Rimmel Sexy Curves - $6.47 
    Rimmel Sexy Curves has a very unique wand with a double hourglass shape.  It may look a little funny but the added curves keep your curl and enhance it.  It also helps to fan out your lashes for the wide eye look. 

If you are looking for: curly lashes

    Now I know this mascara is only for the bottom lashes but I just had to include it, so just hear me out.  Don't you feel like the bottom lashes get neglected?  Big, thick wands with huge bristles smudge easily and always seem to poke you in the eye no matter how hard you try.  This Clinique Bottom Lash mascara has become a bestseller with it's small precise wand that accentuates even the smallest of lashes AND leaves no smudges or flaking! Seriously you have to give it a try, and for only ten dollars? You don't really have a choice not to. 

If you are looking for: long and smudge and flake proof

What are your favorite mascaras? 
Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy's 2013

As an avid TV watcher the Primetime Emmy's Award Show is one of my favorite specials on TV.
While I only disliked a handful of looks on the red carpet (Julianne Hough anyone?), everyone else seemed to be on point.
This made it rather hard to narrow down my favorites, but there were four ladies who have raised the bar for this award season. 

(photo from Huffington Post)

Kaley Cuoco wearing Vera Wang

I have always been a fan of Kaley ever since my favorite role of her's Bridgette on 8 Simple Rules.
She has been one to be daring on the red carpet, but sometimes can mesh too many trends.
This year she nailed it!
Beautiful and elegant gown in a gorgeous burgundy color, simple hair, and makeup that perfectly compliments and pulls together the whole look.

(photo from Huffington Post)

Kerry Washington wearing Marchesa

If you aren't sure who this woman is then you have clearly been living in exile the past year.  
Kerry Washington has been an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominee this year and on top of that was named People's Best Dressed of 2013.  This gorgeous and romantic gown in this blush shade contrasts her skin perfectly.

(photo from Huffington Post)

Claire Danes wearing Armani

I love the pure elegance this Armani dress has.  Claire looks simple enough but the pop of red lipstick keeps it from being boring. And can we talk about the detail? Amazing.

(photo from Huffington Post)

Julie Bowen wearing Zac Posen

If you haven't noticed I have been crushing on this blush/nude color on the red carpet.
It's soft and romantic and Julie looks stunning in this gown.  The architecture of it is stunning and proof of a masterpiece.

If you watched the Emmy's or if you just love TV as much as I do let me know your best (and worst) dressed and shows!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Best: Neutral Palettes

The Best: Neutral Palette

Welcome to a brand new series on Zeal! 
This series is going to be called "The Best," each Tuesday for the next couple of weeks I am going to show you five "The Best" neutral palettes, mascara, eyeliner, and so on.
These are going to range between both high end and drugstore, so hopefully it will help you find the best of the best for your life and budget.

   This product is a no brainer when talking about neutral palettes. Urban Decay's Naked palettes are known for their versatile colors that allow hundreds of different looks.  You will get 10 shimmery and 2 matte highly pigmented shadows, included brush, and an Urban Decay Primer Potion. The only downside to this palette is that the shimmery shadows are very shimmery so if you don't like lots of shimmer I would stray away from this palette.  

    Lorac's Pro palette is a makeup kit staple for makeup artists.  The shadows are very creamy which makes for easy blending.  It contains 18 shadows and also an eye primer, making it a better value than the Naked.  Unlike the Naked Palette, these shadows have the perfect amount of glitter that give your lids an iridescent glow. 

    Ever since I got this palette I have been in love! The packaging for one is super cute and the colors are absolutely beautiful.  I grab this palette on almost a daily basis.  The only negatives I can say about this one is the shadows do create a lot of fallout, so tap your brush off before starting your look. You get 12 shadows and a brush (which unfortunately is useless).

    This is a much loved palette for it's perfect combination of both cool and warm shadows that will suit any skin color.  It also holds the cult favorite, Kitten.  Don't be surprised if you hit pan on this one the quickest. In this palette you get 10 shadows and Stila's famous waterproof smudge-able eyeliner. 

    Too Faced is most known for their great packaging.  Their boxed eyeshadow palettes come with 9 shadows and also three look how-to's to help beginners and inspire the pros.  The shadows are organized in each row for 3 different occasions: Day, Classic, and Fashion, so this palette will suit any girl's style.  The only downside is the shadows are really shimmery like the Naked.  

What are your favorite neutral palettes?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: Sep 12

M A K E U P 
  Whenever I am in a rush (which was almost everyday this week) this eyeshadow is the first thing I grab.  I don't place it all over the lid because it's a bit too sparkly for my liking but wake up my look I put it in the inner corner and blend out on both top and bottom lash lines. 

H A I R 
   If I had one brush for the rest of my life I would choose this paddle brush.  It glides through my wet or dry hair seamlessly and is really sturdy. 

F A S H I O N 
   I used to not be one for big statement pieces but in the past year I have quickly grown from one piece to about twenty.  They make any outfit so much more interesting and put together.  Ily Couture is one of my favorite jewelry sites to visit and they give great sales.  This Bloom necklace is perfect transition piece for the seasons because orange is going to be a hit for fall just as it was for summer. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


You hit the snooze button a few too many times, open your closet bursting with clothes, and utter the phrase
"I have nothing to wear."

I know we all face this situation far too many times, maybe even this morning.
But our agonizing mornings have come to an end with this fool proof solution.


   A white tank with a high-low hem is flattering even when you are feeling your worst.  The billowy fabric is comfortable so you can move easily and if you get chilly just grab any cardigan or jacket to throw over.  With white you can't go wrong. 

   Skinnies are a must.  They flatter any body type and are easy to pair with anything.  Darker washes add to the slimming effect and like white tops, they go with anything. 

   If you saw my fall trends posts a couple weeks ago you would have seen that laser cut designs are very "in" for fall. These flats utilize that trend that are perfect for everyday use.  The neutral color will also compliment any outfit. 

And to tailor this solution to any season just remember three things:
1. white top
2. dark wash
3. neutral shoes

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three

   Stila's In the Light palette is a best seller and makeup essential when it comes to palettes. When I came to the Stila counter at Ulta the other day I was about to grab the In the Night palette by obvious obligation until I saw these beautiful green hues taking the spotlight.  I love the way green makes the gold undertones of my brown eyes shine.  Any brown eyed babes out there need this immediately. 

F A S H I O N 
    Ever since I watched the Fall/Winter BCBGMaxAzria collection during New York Fashion Week last spring I have been dying to find the perfect leather cap. Target has done it again and exceeded my expectations.  This hat is going to get a lot of game time this season. 

H A I R 
    I don't like to use hair spray because it seems to weigh my limp hair down so I turn to shine spray to semi hold the style but smooth fly aways.  This shine spray is super light but makes a serious impact to any hair routine. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inside My Beauty Boxes: Ipsy

August 2013's Glam Bag theme was "Glamour Academy".
It was all about looking great for back to school.

Full Size

Sample Size
$2.43 for 1g 

Lash Booster? Nope.  It didn't hold a curl, didn't volumize, and didn't lengthen. It seemed more like runny black liquid.

Rating: 1 star

Full Size

Sample Size
$5.30 for 1 fl. oz.

If there is one skincare product I have heard of more than Proactive it is Michael Todd.  I was so excited to get this product and fell in love with it like everyone else. It is a black (hence the charcoal) which can be quite scary but it really gets in there and cleans out our pores.

Rating: 5 stars

Full Size

I was excited to get an eyebrow pencil in my glam bag but the Brunette shade, even applied with a light hand was WAY too dark.  And after using my It Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil for the past month I can't go back to anything else.

Rating: 3 stars

Full Size

If you like cherry cough syrup then you will love this stuff! I on the other hand hated it and actually already threw it in the trash.  The smell and the taste was revolting.

Rating: 0 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$4.70 for 0.34 fl. oz.

Every Pacifica product I have tested have quickly become my favorite and this product is no different.  It is light but gives great coverage.  I love how it gives a very healthy glow to the skin.  If you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend it but normal/dry this will be a dream.  I need to pick up a full size the moment my sample runs out. 

Rating: 5 stars


Retail: $72.99 (full size) $34.42 (sample size)
Box Cost: $10
Full Size Products: 2 

The winner of August 2013 Inside My Beauty Boxes is 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: August 29, 2013

M A K E U P 
   I finally got my hands on this sucker thanks to Hautelook, seriously that site is amazing for a deal! The shadows are super pigmented so a little goes a long way.  You get 4 matte shades and 7 shimmers.  My only wish was that there was matte light brown comparable to Omega shadow from MAC, but regardless I am very happy with my purchase.

F A S H I O N 
3.1 Phillip Lim Bag - price varies
   3.1 Phillip Lim is coming to Target on September 15th ladies! You can gorgeous comparable bags to this beaut for a pretty price ($30-$50).  Yes please! I have already marked my calendar, seriously. 

H A I R 
   Everyone talks about It's a 10! products but I found one that one ups that, or I guess two, for a much nicer price. I spritz this all over my hair after the shower and before I use hot tools.  It smells amazing and leaves my hair super smooth! 

Hope you are having a lovely week, while I drown in class work for my first week back.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inside My Beauty Boxes: BIRCHBOX

August 2013's Birchbox theme was Finishing School.
You'll see Ipsy took a similar route in my next post.

Full Size
ARCONA Cranberry Gommage - $44 for 3.4 oz

Sample Size
$8.80 for 0.68 oz

One word...DELICIOUS. Yes, this is a face scrub but oh man does it smell good.  Imagine rubbing pixi sticks all over your face and that will give you a good visual and scent.  This scrub works wonders, no wonder it won an Allure Beauty Award.

Rating: 5 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$1.50 for 0.46 oz

The sample allowed me 2 treatments.  Although I didn't love the smell, think dog food mixed with old lady salon, I did love the product.  It made my hair very smooth and shiny and my split ends were a tad less noticeable.

Rating: 3 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$1.50 for 0.46 oz

Like the other treatment I didn't love the smell but it did make my hair ends less brittle.  Since I only had 2 uses out of it I can't tell if it really helps hair growth like it says. 

Rating: 3 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$8 for 1

I received the orange in the middle of the picture called, Disco Fever.  I have been quite into oranges lately so I was super excited to try this out.  It was incredibly creamy, but not very long lasting.  Mine was received partially broken which was sad but Birchbox has since sent me a new box as an apology (A+ for customer service). 

Rating: 4 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$4.80 for 1 

These seem like a good idea but I didn't find them as effective as self tanning lotion.  It is easy to get streaky and splotchy which is definitely a no no. 

Rating: 1 star

I was supposed to receive a Coastal Scents trio palette but it was not included.  Like previously stated about the Model Co lipstick, Birchbox has sent me a new box. 


Retail: $144 (full size) $24.60 (sample size)
Box Cost: $10
Full Size Products: none

Come back on Saturday to see what was in my Ipsy box and who won for this month!

What did you get in your beauty boxes this month?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back To School Series: Fall Trend Day 5

Back To School Series: Fall Trend Day 5

Classic Ankle Booties
are the shoe of the fall season.
Like I mentioned in my Thursday's Three last week, ankle booties are my absolute favorite shoe because of their versatility and comfort.
These boots are in pretty neutral shades without being boring making them perfect for any fall outfit and finish off every outfit.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday's Three: Farewell Summer Edition

Thursday's Three: Farewell Summer Edition

Seeing as though this is my last week of summer vacation I am making this week's Thursday's Three a Farewell to Summer edition.
I am sad to see my late mornings, adventuring with my boyfriend, and most definitely my tan go, but I am fully ready to embrace fall.  The temps don't seem to reflect that here in L.A. but I am willing to look past that.
So here are my favorite summer products this week.

  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that a few weeks ago I decided to get read of my brown locks and embrace a blonder hue.  I am absolutely in love with it! To keep it in tip top shape I use this line of products that have a slight purple hue to counteract brassy/orange hues creeping back. 

M A K E U P 
  This is my favorite summer bronzer.  It is very pigmented so it needs to be applied with a light hand but it will definitely leave you with the most amazing bronze glow. 

F A S H I O N 
   My fedora has seen many sunny days this summer.  It made any bad hair day (or third hair day) look good and gave me a carefree look to all my summer outfits. 

Now that summer is coming to an end, what were you're favorite products this season?

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 4

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 4

Like leather LACE is staying put this season.
But instead of sticking to neutral and bohemian colors and styles try branching out in brighter colors and mixing in ladylike and punk styles.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 3

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 3

When it comes to accessorizing this fall it is all about
Chain Links

These Chanel-esque accents make this trend classy and perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons.
I know that some of these will be on my Christmas list this year.

(definitely drooling over this)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 2

Back to School Series: Fall Trend

Today's Trend:

Don't put your leather skater skirt and jacket away just yet.  Leather is here to stay and I am pretty excited about it!
To amp up this style try it with laser cut outs and colored pieces.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Series: Fall Trend Day 1

Back to School Series: Fall Trend

To make your transition to school and fall easy, I am going to be spotlighting FIVE fall fashion trends.
That means one new trend every day!

Today I am spotlighting:
Chic Pullovers

What says fall more than a cute sweatshirt? They are warm and cozy and easy to pull on when you're just rolling out of bed.  Find one with a fun graphic or classic style to keep this style fashionable, not lazy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday's Three: Back to School Series

Thursday's Three: Back to School Series

This is most likely everyone's last or almost last Thursday before heading back to school.
Because of this I decided to add this Thursday's Three to my Back to School Series.  These are the top makeup, hair, and fashion must haves for school.

M A K E U P 
   If there is one makeup item a girl needs for life, let alone school, is a nude eyeshadow palette.  You can simple, adventurous, and smokey eye looks for any occasion.  And if you didn't already know theBalm is my favorite makeup brand, well it is, and so of course their palette would be my top pick.  (It also helps that it is drastically cheaper than Urban Decay's Naked palettes which are $50 bucks a pop.)

  Hair was a hard category to narrow down to one product especially since everyone has different hair textures and issues, but after thinking about I was surprised this wasn't the first thing that popped in my head since it is so clearly obvious...SERUM! It is the magic of all hair products.  You can use it on wet or dry hair for added shine, smoothness, and frizz control.  Paul Mitchell's is the best of the best with 5+ beauty awards. 

F A S H I O N 
   If I had to choose one shoe to wear the rest of my life it would be an ankle boot.  It may not look good with a prom dress or formal occasion but I'd find some way to make it work.  Ankle boots are year round friendly shoes.  The small heel gives femininity and edge while still being comfortable to walk around in all day (seriously I live in mine).  I usually try to only have one item per category for Thursday's Three, but come one, you have to have them in both colors for unlimited styling options. 

These are my top picks, what are yours?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School Series: 1st Day of School Makeup

1st day of school makeup

Whether you are in 8th grade or college this makeup look will start your year off fresh and beautiful.

Step One: Prime 
  Primer may not be an everyday essential to many people but for the first day back you want to be looking your best.  Primer will keep your pores small and your oil contained.  Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional ($30) is a great light weight but effective choice. 

Step Two: Even Your Skin Tone
   Many people think foundation should be able to cover every imperfection, but when it does, that is usually when you look like a cake face.  Foundation should be used to eliminate redness and even our skin tone.  Revlon Color Stay ($9.99) is a good foundation that can be applied lightly for a natural finish or built up for full coverage for those of us with less than perfect skin. 

Step Three: Conceal 
   You know how you always go to bed unusually early before the first day back? But instead of getting a good night's sleep you toss and turn and can't stop thinking about what your'e going to wear or what everyone is going to think of your outfit.  So instead of going to school with bags under your eyes use concealer to brighten up those peepers. Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer ($6.99) has good coverage and comes in a variety of shades so you can definitely find your perfect match. 

Step Four: Bronze Yourself
   You just came from summer so of course you can't come back to school without a tan.  Fake a sun-kissed glow or enhance your tan with some bronzer dusted on your temples, cheeks, nose, and chin.  Jouer's Sunswept Mattifying Powder Bronzer ($28) gives the perfect glow and will also keep your oil controlled with it's mattifying properties.  

Step Five: Natural Flush
   Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher Color Icon Blusher Powder in Pearlescent Pink ($1.99) (wow, that's quite the mouthful) is a great color that looks great on any skin tone! 

Step Six: Bronze Eye
   To play up your tan even more, add a bronzed eye for that summer beach babe look.  Cream shadows are great because they are easy to apply and blend and they leave the eye looking dewy.  Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow in Skinlights ($4.94) is a great quad to have.  It also is small enough to fit in your purse or locker for touch ups in the day. 

Step Seven: Define
  If you need eyeliner I recommend Urban Decay 24/7 DOUBLE-ENDED GLIDE-ON PENCIL ($12).  What's so great about it is that you can have black for when you want more definition and drama and brown for more natural and subtle look and you only need one pencil! 

Step Eight: Lashes!
  No makeup look is complete without mascara.  I'm sure you already know my current obsession with Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lashblast Mascara ($8.49) and when you try it you'll understand why. 

Just add your favorite balm or gloss and you are ready for your first day back!
What are your back to school makeup essentials?