Tuesday, September 10, 2013


You hit the snooze button a few too many times, open your closet bursting with clothes, and utter the phrase
"I have nothing to wear."

I know we all face this situation far too many times, maybe even this morning.
But our agonizing mornings have come to an end with this fool proof solution.


   A white tank with a high-low hem is flattering even when you are feeling your worst.  The billowy fabric is comfortable so you can move easily and if you get chilly just grab any cardigan or jacket to throw over.  With white you can't go wrong. 

   Skinnies are a must.  They flatter any body type and are easy to pair with anything.  Darker washes add to the slimming effect and like white tops, they go with anything. 

   If you saw my fall trends posts a couple weeks ago you would have seen that laser cut designs are very "in" for fall. These flats utilize that trend that are perfect for everyday use.  The neutral color will also compliment any outfit. 

And to tailor this solution to any season just remember three things:
1. white top
2. dark wash
3. neutral shoes

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