Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best: Highlighter

The Best: Highlighter
I feel like highlighter has just made it to the big screen of makeup in the last few years.
Many people I know still haven't taken advantage of its magic abilities to transform your face.
Highlighter is one of my favorite parts about makeup and sometimes I leave the house with only it and mascara. It makes a world of difference.

   This is one of Benefit's most famous products.  This liquid highlighter allows for perfect placement and blends beautifully.  *Tip: Use your fingers rather than a brush to get a more natural finish. 

   This product does it all! Not only can it be used as merely highlighter, BUT also as an allover face powder! And no, I pinky promise you won't have sparkle allover your face.  The powder is so finely milled you will be left with an angelic glow. (There are 6 shades to the collection that work for all skin tones!)

   Product and sponge in one! This highlighter is perfect for any on the go girl.  Swipe, blend, and your'e all done (no mirror needed, it's that easy!). 

   This is my ALL TIME favorite highlighter! Perfectly pigmented and leaves an incredibly smooth finish.  The golden tone is also perfect to be used as an everyday eye shadow, brow bone color, and to highlight the inner tear ducts.  What is even nicer, is that the packaging is HUGE! One of these will last you years, even with everyday use.  I have had mine for about 6 months and it looks like I have barely used any.  

    This copy-cat YSL 'Touche Eclat' highlighting pen from Maybelline is the best drugstore highlighter I could find unfortunately.  Though it is labeled as a concealer I would use it only on the high points of the face for highlighting purposes because it can be quite drying under the eyes.  

How do you use your highlighter and what are you favorites?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pin-Spiration: Fall Edition

Fall is not only favorite time of year but also my favorite time to "pin."
Chunky knits, riding boots, and pumpkins galore, what is there not to love about Pinterest right now?
Here are some of my favorite things this season. 

Come see these and more on my Pinterest!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: Oct 16, 2013

H A I R 
   I love knitted headwraps because they are so easy to put on when you need a quick hairstyle.  California may not get that cold compared to other states and countries but here in LA it can get pretty windy and my ears turn to icicles, so these headwraps keep my hair in place and my ears nice and toasty. 

F A S H I O N 
   Parkas are some of my favorite pieces for the fall.  They may seem a bit bulky but when paired with skinny jeans and riding boots, you can't go wrong. 

M A K E U P 
   I have been grabbing this mascara quite frequently this week.  The formula is super liquidy so it coats your lashes very quickly and holds a curl all day. It says it is volumizing, but I would classify it as more of a lengthening one.  It seems to have added fibers which really add to the length.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it is not the best layering mascara, because of the wet formula too many layers can give you a spidery effect. 

What are your favorites this week?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Best: Blush

The Best: Blush

Whenever I am applying my blush I find myself in such a nostalgic mood.
My first lesson of blush or makeup in general was watching 1945 movie The Dolly Sisters.
Two Swedish sisters that turn to the stage in song and dance in hopes of providing a better life for themselves and their gambling father.
I think I can contribute my love for makeup to their song Powder, Lipstick, and Rouge.
Rouge, what a lovely name.

   This pretty berry color will compliment even the fairest of skin tones. 

    Orange can often make people flee but really orange and apricot shades are some of the most universally flattering shades because of blend of warmth and cool undertones. 

    Luminoso is known for being the drugstore dupe of Nars' Orgasm.  It is the perfect peach shimmer that gives you an instant glow.  It is a makeup must have. 

    This pink is the perfect neutral toned pink for everyday and the cream formula adds a dewy finish that looks very natural. 

    Described as a muted strawberry red this blush will give you that innocent flush. 

Seriously think I am going to call blush rouge from now on. 
Whose with me?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Plum Problem

Plum Problem

If you haven't already guessed from the title, I am having quite the "plum problem."

On a recent trip to Sephora I just couldn't help myself from gravitating to all the rich plum and raspberry shades of lipsticks.  Just looking at the color made me want to wrap up in my coat and but on a beanie.  Though I found many shades I liked (YSL and Fresh being my favorites), I just couldn't believe the price tags (which they cleverly label microscopically under the product or not at all).
I guess I will be entering the weekend hunting for dupes for this coveted color or praying that my bank account will miraculously overflow with funds.

(left to right)

Have a beautiful weekend and let me know if you are loving plum shades as much as I am! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: October 10, 2013

H A I R 
   It has finally rained in Los Angeles! It was so nice but one thing that's not is humidity, and humidity means frizz for my naturally curly locks.  This hairspray is a weather proof spray that almost acts as a shield around the strands.  This is seriously magic but don't mistake it as a hairspray.  If you need to hold your style pair it with an actual hairspray. 

M A K E U P 
    Since it is finally fall, it is time to bust out those darker shadows.  My favorite way to wear darker shadows on a daily basis is to use my finger to push the color on the lid, UNDER the crease.  Then using a big fluffy brush blend it up to the crease for a perfectly sheer yet smoky look. This green shade is perfectly autumnal (yes that is a word) and will really enhance every eye color. 

F A S H I O N 
    I have been loving flowy lacy tunics recently.  They are such simple and quick pieces that are super comfortable for any day. 

What have you been enjoying this week?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Best: Bronzers

The Best: Bronzers

Bronzer is one face product that I can't leave the house without.
It instantly gives a subtle glow to the skin and somewhat disguises my ghost-like complexion during the cooler months.
Some think bronzer is only for the contour pros but everyone can bronze their skin like a flawlessly as long as you sweep it on the temples, below the cheekbones, and under the jaw.
For added warmth, dust some across the nose as well.

How often do you wear bronzer and what are your favorites?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three: October 3 2013

H A I  R
Goody 1Ct Detangler Comb - $5.99
   Recently I chopped off about 5 inches of my hair.  I am loving it! No split ends in sight and my hair has so much added volume bounce.  The only downfall is I now have major tangles throughout the day from the new thickness at my ends.  Wide tooth combs are my rescue! They get the tangles without messing up my hair style. 

M A K E U P 
     If you haven't tried this foundation you are truly missing out.  I am so glad I finally decided to buy after listening and hearing all the rave reviews.  I was nervous because matte finishes usually enhance my normal to dry skin.  I had always just accepted I would never be able to use matte foundation and have to keep battling the mid day T-zone oil spill.  This is seriously foundation personally crafted by the skin angels.  It blends wonderfully, matches my skin tone perfectly, and dries with a powder finish that leaves me oil free the ENTIRE day, and I mean it I got at least 10 hours one day. I don't think I will ever use any other foundation.  If you are oily to combo skin this will work wonders, not trying this out would be like committing skin suicide.

Active by Old Navy Long Compression Pant - $26.40
    This may not be a very fashionable item, but it sure is comfortable.  I wear these from the moment I get home until the moment I wake up in the morning.  Sometimes I wish I could wear them everywhere, they are just that comfortable.  They also are very thick, so you won't have to worry about the sun making them see through.  If you are looking for some good Lululemon knock-offs you should give these a try. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best: Eyeliners

The Best: Eyeliners

Eyeliner is one of the products I love to play around with the most.
Whether you are creating a cat eye or dramatic wing you can do so much.
My challenge for all of you though is to branch out of the usual black or brown and play around with colors.  You will be amazed at how great your eyes will look.

P E N C I L 
    Urban Decay hands down makes the best colored eye pencils.  They are super creamy and last forever.  I love how blendable they are too! My favorites are Crash, Covet, El Dorado, and Binge. 
(These are the ones I wear on a daily basis.)

G E L 
MAC Fluidline - $16 
    I love gel eyeliner because I find it the easiest to work with. MAC Fluidline is perfect for all you winged out ladies.  It is super pigmented and won't budge all day. 

M A R K E R 
    This as quickly become a holy grail eyeliner for thousands of people.  The pen doesn't dry out and the tip is the perfect thickness to allow for thin and thick applications. I personally am not a fan of marker eyeliners because in all my experiences they dry out half way through the line, but I might just have to try again from the rave reviews I have been hearing. 

F E L T  T I P 
    I like felt tip brushes better than markers because you can dip back into the tube to get more product whenever you please.  This Maybelline eyeliner is really easy to use and is great for beginners. 

Do you wear eyeliner on the daily?
What color is your go-to?