Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday's Three

It's the LAST day of February! I know February always flies by because it is so short but this year has felt like it is flying by (which I don't mind).  These three things I have been absolutely loving this week! 

       It's starting to warm up here in LA and it is time to break out the wedges.  I got these ones from Target recently and absolutely love them!  They are the perfect neutral but still play up with the color-blocking trend.  They are also surprisingly pretty comfortable.  Can't wait to break these in with my spring and summer sundresses. 
2. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Clipless Curling Wand XL - price varies (must be bought in a salon)
      This is without a doubt the BEST curling wand on the market.  I have naturally curly hair but I blow dry it straight very often.  My hair before this tool could not hold a curl no matter how much hairspray I put!  After using Paul Mitchell's Curling Wand, my hair stays bouncy and full until I wash it.  Proof: I have gone three days without washing my hair and my curls were still in tact...WITHOUT hairspray! This is a life-changing product. 
      I received a sample of this face exfoliant in this month's Birchbox and immediately began using it in my skin care routine.  The super super small exfoliating beads really get rid of any dry skin or dead skin that is sticking to the surface of your face.  I have naturally clear skin but I do struggle with redness and even though the exfoliating beads seemed aggressive, it actually reduced the redness!  I would recommend this to any of my friends, even one's with sensitive skin. 

Beauty Makeup Can't Provide

Makeup can only enhance the beauty of your face and hide blemishes and insecurities there.  But what makeup can't hide is the insecurities you have with your body.  When your body is fit and healthy that is when it is truly beautiful.  
Though you may not find me in the gym everyday and only snacking on fruits and veggies, I do hold my health and fitness to a high priority.  Working out and having a healthy diet is the only guarantee for me to feel 100% confident, even without makeup. 
These 4 women are my fitness gurus.

Meet Karena (right) and Katrina (left)
These are the girls who started Tone It Up, a fitness community for women of all ages.  I found TIU through Twitter and instantly got hooked.  I purchased the lifetime membership for $150, which included their scientifically proven diet plan/cookbook and workout handbook.  Being a lifetime member means I will receive any updates, whether it be recipes, workouts, challenges, anything forever!  I also own their Beach Babe DVD which is an absolutely phenomenal and challenging workout that targets every part of your body.
So head on over to their site and Tone It Up!

Say hello to Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates.  I have recently found Cassey through my Tone It Up girls and have become addicted! I instantly ordered her POP Pilates DVD and now I know why celebs hail to the pilate gods for their great bodies.  Pilates combines the yoga and strength training, so that you can achieve the long and lean body everyone craves. 

To round out my fitness gurus is Sarah of Sarah  Sarah has an amazing YouTube channel that is filled with amazing workouts and daily tips for eating.  Her blog correlates with her channel and she is also close friends with the Tone It Up girls and Cassey Ho.  

All 4 of the women want to help you be the most beautiful you can be.  Head over to their websites and find out which lady's fitness style works for or if combine them all like me.  Start sweatin' and getting fit and healthy in time for summer! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Oscars

Awards season is officially over.  Though I am sad to see it go, I do believe it has been one of the best years.  All the films this past year have just been remarkable and after watching the show I need to go back the movies to enjoy some more. 
But who cares about the awards?  What we really care about is the fashion and who was the best dressed.  I narrowed my picks down to two.
This year's Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence and the nominated Amy Adams.

Stunning in Dior Haute Couture, Jennifer stole the night with her fashion sense and talent.  J Law has been sporting Dior this season after being named Miss Dior's spokesperson.  Smart move Dior, smart move.  I haven't yet seen Silver Linings Playbook, but plan to drag myself and my boyfriend to the movies soon.  

You can never do wrong in an Oscar de la Renta.  Amy was swoon-worthy with your fairytale dress, looking nothing less than a princess. Though she lost the Oscar to Lawrence she still won in my book for fashion. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I don't think I could call my blog a beauty blog without a beauty haul every once and awhile.  So here is my first inaugural haul.  Let me know if you like posts like this and I'll keep them coming.   

      Every beauty guru on YouTube, magazine, and beauty blog raves about Benefit's They're Real mascara.  I don't usually shell out $23 dollars for mascara but I decided to splurge a little and see what all the hype was about.  Since being sick I decided to go out bare face and immediately put the mascara on once I got in the car.....MIND BLOWN!  I have never seen so much length and volume AND curl at the same time.  My loyalty will now lie with Benefit cosmetics for my mascara.  
      These eyeshadows are a mashup of cream and loose powder eyeshadow that creates the smoothest texture.  The color pay off is incredible but you need a light hand when applying the darker shades for daytime looks. 
       Brown eyeliner is usually a staple in every girl's makeup collection but I surprisingly have never owned one.  So i decided to pick up a NYX one in dark brown.  I love NYX because they are good quality at a great price! 
       Even though I live in LA and the weather doesn't get cold in Minnesota terms, but my hands and especially my cuticles get chapped very quickly.  This apricot cuticle oil is to be applied 2 times a day (morning and night) around the cuticles and massaged in.  It leaves your nails looking manicure fresh and hydrated. 
       Revlon lipglosses always have great color pay off and they aren't too sticky.  Bellini is the perfect nude pink shade that can be paired with almost any pink and nude lipstick.  It's a staple in my makeup bag. 
7. NYX Eyeshadow Triple Eye Shadows for Sexy Eyes Only! in TS 12 - $9.59 $3.99
       No link for this one because sadly NYX's eyeshadow triplets are being discontinued.  Not sure why but I am sad to see them go.  Head down to your local ULTA and snatch them up before they are gone and at the price of $3.99 you really have no excuse. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Three: Spring is Approaching!

Only 28 days until the first day of Spring!  Can you believe it?  I can't; I still can't believe we are almost through with February! This week's Thursday's Three features perfect spring time fashion, hair, and beauty things that are going to some of my staples this season.

1. Xhilaration® Juniors Skater Skirt - $17.99
        I have been looking for the perfect skater skirt, or circle skirt as they are also known, and finally found some at the 2nd happiest place in the world: Target.  Online the model is wearing the skirt at her hips but I think it is much more cute, flirty  and flattering to wear it at the waist.  I personally own the printed one above and have fallen in love with it. It just makes me want to twirl around in circles all day.
2. TOPSHOP Stone Neon Kirbies - $25
      TOPSHOP has finally arrived to LA at our most favorite outdoor mall, the Grove.  I am so so so excited to go down there and explore and finally be able to attain their iconic clothes and makeup.  These hair pins are so beautiful and the bright and girly colors will make sure you hair is ready for springtime.  I marked these bad boys are a "SPLURGE" item due to their pretty steep price.  I mean come on, $25 for hair pins?! But I guess that is TOPSHOP for ya.
3. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso - $6.99
       This Milani blush, specifically in this color, is the best drugstore dupe for Nars' iconic blush Orgasm.  This soft peachy pink shade is great on every skin tone and leaves a natural flush.  The only difference between the two is that the Milani is much more powdery, so be careful and tap off the excess product before placing it on your cheeks.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday's Three (Late)

I promised a Valentine's Day Thursday's Three but an illness and a trip to Disneyland for V-Day with my special someone kept me away from the computer (which I didn't mind).  

      Prabal Gurung, a designer showcased during NY Fashion Week, has brought his vibrant designs to Target for a limited time.  This color block dress is super fun and flirty for spring.  The strip down the middle also adds a slimming affect.  
      I live by these hair ties.  They come in bright fun colors perfect for spring.  Whether you are wearing them in your hair or on your wrist it will be a nice fashion or hair accessory. Bonus...they don't leave those dreaded creases in your hair! 
     This lip gloss will forever have a place in my purse, makeup bag, and go-to makeup look.  This clear goes on silky and changes to the perfect hue of bright pink.  Don't be intimidated by it's hue when you first try it the longer its on the more it seeps into your lips and the more you will fall in love with it. Trust me. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Seven - Marchesa

The last day of fashion week as come and gone, sorry for the late post, illness and Valentine's Day festivities kept me busy yesterday.  A perfect gown to wear on Valentine's Day would have been one of these lovely Marchesa dresses.  Marchesa is known for its elaborate cuts and styles that are fit for a princess. 
Intricate lace, tulle, tafetta, and beading give these gowns their regal essence.  Most of the gowns were also in neutral colors except for the occasion pop of fuchsia and red (not shown above). 

So long Fashion Week we will see you in the Fall for Spring/Summer 2014's collections!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Six - Jenny Packham

So many great looks from Jenny Packham! I wanted to add even more pictures but didn't want this post to be too long! The collection was filled with many rich colors and beautiful cuts.  These dresses will without a doubt be seen on an A-list celebrity at some point this year, they are too beautiful not be worn!  One of my favorite elements of this collection is the intricate beading.  The beading is so feminine and is the perfect balance of simplicity and glamour. 

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Five - Reem Acra

Reem Acra's designs have made a name for themselves on the red carpet and wedding aisles.  Her less extravagant dresses and outfits are still as beautiful as ever but it is her gowns that make her famous.  From large tulle skirts, mesh, extravagant beading, and so many other intricate details adorn all her gowns. I wonder if any stars will be strutting down the red carpet in any of them?
See all 38 looks here:



Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Grammy's

February is awards season.  Today we had the Grammy's and the BAFTA's in the UK.
The Grammy's are a great chance for singers to go all out in fashion, pulling out all the stops and heading head first in the riskiest trendiest pieces. 
Usually I am very excited to see what the stars pull out of their closet especially from stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rhianna, who usually opt for head-scratching pieces. But this year I was pleasantly surprised and name Rhianna as my Best Dressed celeb at tonight's Grammy's. 

Her beautiful and modest red Alia gown turned heads.  She paired her elegant look with long flowing and loose curls and a red pout.  Rhianna has never embodied classic beauty so well before. Bravo and keep it up for future red carpets.

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Four - Diane von Fürstenberg

It is day four of fashion week and it just keeps getting better.  Diane von Fürstenberg's fame of wrap dresses and wearable office chic looks were still very much alive in fall/winter's collection but with added major pops of patterns and colors.

These pant suits for example are ready to wear to the office but easily transformed into a downtown nightlife outfit.  

One of my favorite pieces from the collection.  Wrap dresses should be a staple in every woman's closet.  It is appropriate for so many occasions and it flattery on every body shape with its cinch in the middle.

The colors of this dress are absolutely phenomenal the punch of fuchsia is eye-catching.  No one would take their eyes off you in this number.

Let's face it, this jumpsuit is just plain fun.  I want one right now.  The black and tan are good color combo to make this print not seem so dramatic.  Diane von Fürstenberg's fashion became famous in the 70's, which she obviously was inspired by with her jumpsuit and pantsuit pieces.  I think we should revisit the 70's more often.

The dark navy and burgundy color scheme are perfectly autumnal.  DVK's versatile pieces like this are why she has been so successful the past 40 years.

My favorite thing that all of these looks have in common are the beautiful smiles the models have on their faces.  This is perfect example of how you can rock anything with confidence and a smile.  I think more designers should take a hint from Diane and tell there models to actually look happy!  Because fashion should make you feel just that.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Three - Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Today's show stopper came from Max Azria's line Hervé Léger.  This line is know for its body hugging bandage dresses.  Like BCBG's collection Azria paired each dress with pants and a hat, this time a baseball hat.  This made me especially excited because I tend to wear baseball hats where more than I should.  Seeing it on the this year's runway makes me want to save up and retire my old hat for one of these beauts.

The color scheme as you can tell is mostly black and white with a few dresses in the trendy oxblood and some with emerald detailing (emerald dress not shown). Leather and fur again are chart toppers, seen on many of the runways in just the first few days.  


Friday, February 8, 2013

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Two - Rebecca Minkoff




It is day two of Fashion Week and even the incoming Hurricane Nemo can't stop the fashion!  Today's choice of feature designer was a close defeat by Rebecca Minkoff to Nicole Miller.  Miller's show was absolutely beautiful, but Minkoff's design stole my heart with its versatility and wearability.  I will be after scrolling throw all the show's looks sometimes I can be a little put off, many of the designs, though beautiful, don't embody every day wear.  Sure crazy prints, structure, and texture can be inspiring but in all honesty when are you going to wear these looks out for the day.

Rebecca Minkoff consistently brings beautiful pieces in her collections.  I absolutely love the color palette specifically in this collection.  The darker shades mix well with the earthy tones of tan and green, and the pop of rich blue, red, and mustard really stand out.  Leather and fur are also still in full fledge for this season's looks, spotted in almost every show so far.  I can't wait to see tomorrows looks from Jill Stuart and Hervé Léger by Max Azria.

And tune in and watch the shows live on

P.S. Sorry for so many pictures, there were too many great looks! I just had to show all my faves.