Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday's Three

It's the LAST day of February! I know February always flies by because it is so short but this year has felt like it is flying by (which I don't mind).  These three things I have been absolutely loving this week! 

       It's starting to warm up here in LA and it is time to break out the wedges.  I got these ones from Target recently and absolutely love them!  They are the perfect neutral but still play up with the color-blocking trend.  They are also surprisingly pretty comfortable.  Can't wait to break these in with my spring and summer sundresses. 
2. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Clipless Curling Wand XL - price varies (must be bought in a salon)
      This is without a doubt the BEST curling wand on the market.  I have naturally curly hair but I blow dry it straight very often.  My hair before this tool could not hold a curl no matter how much hairspray I put!  After using Paul Mitchell's Curling Wand, my hair stays bouncy and full until I wash it.  Proof: I have gone three days without washing my hair and my curls were still in tact...WITHOUT hairspray! This is a life-changing product. 
      I received a sample of this face exfoliant in this month's Birchbox and immediately began using it in my skin care routine.  The super super small exfoliating beads really get rid of any dry skin or dead skin that is sticking to the surface of your face.  I have naturally clear skin but I do struggle with redness and even though the exfoliating beads seemed aggressive, it actually reduced the redness!  I would recommend this to any of my friends, even one's with sensitive skin. 

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