Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fall/Winter '13 NY Fashion Week: Day Four - Diane von Fürstenberg

It is day four of fashion week and it just keeps getting better.  Diane von Fürstenberg's fame of wrap dresses and wearable office chic looks were still very much alive in fall/winter's collection but with added major pops of patterns and colors.

These pant suits for example are ready to wear to the office but easily transformed into a downtown nightlife outfit.  

One of my favorite pieces from the collection.  Wrap dresses should be a staple in every woman's closet.  It is appropriate for so many occasions and it flattery on every body shape with its cinch in the middle.

The colors of this dress are absolutely phenomenal the punch of fuchsia is eye-catching.  No one would take their eyes off you in this number.

Let's face it, this jumpsuit is just plain fun.  I want one right now.  The black and tan are good color combo to make this print not seem so dramatic.  Diane von Fürstenberg's fashion became famous in the 70's, which she obviously was inspired by with her jumpsuit and pantsuit pieces.  I think we should revisit the 70's more often.

The dark navy and burgundy color scheme are perfectly autumnal.  DVK's versatile pieces like this are why she has been so successful the past 40 years.

My favorite thing that all of these looks have in common are the beautiful smiles the models have on their faces.  This is perfect example of how you can rock anything with confidence and a smile.  I think more designers should take a hint from Diane and tell there models to actually look happy!  Because fashion should make you feel just that.  

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