Monday, February 4, 2013

Fab Fitness

I have recently had a surge of motivation to work out (which rarely happens or disappears after a week) and what can make me more motivated than cute workout gear?  I believe that you don't have to be a stinky, sweaty wreck when at the gym.  Do those squats, bicep curls, and treadmill circuits in high style and no one will notice the red-faced, sweaty mess you really are.  

         This American Apparel tank top is 100% cotton and jersey material making it extra soft.  The type on the shirt is cute, cool, and will keep you motivated when you are staring at the mirror about to give up. 
2. Nike Free Advantage - $79.99 
         Running shoes or any work out shoe for that matter is a great opportunity to go a little wild.  The brighter and bolder the better. 
         These tight pants are super comfy and allow you to move all around during any workout.  The black is slimming and will also pair well with any other apparel you are wearing.  The thick waist band also adds extra comfort that doesn't dig into your waist giving you the dreaded muffin top.  
         Sports bras are another great way to add bright pops of color to your workout wardrobe because at the gym it doesn't matter if it shows through your shirt.  What I love about these specific bras are that they are super stretchy and tight which keeps the girls at bay when your on the treadmill or doing some jumping jacks.  
         The PINK water bottles always are great to have because they come in many cute colors and always have great phrases or patterns on them.  You can't go wrong with these water bottles. 
         Due to my curls headbands are a must for me at the gym.  This band is more interesting with the glitter and the special fabric will stay put no matter how hard you are pushing through your workouts. 

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