Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Three

Welcome to the first TT for February, next Thursday is Valentine's Day so look for a special Valentine edition of Thursday's Three! 

       What is there NOT to love about this shoes?  These sandals are a staple to have in your closet.  They can be worn casually with some shorts, jeans, skirts and also worn with more sophisticated pieces.  The thick heel and platform make them easy to walk in and relative comfort and the straps keep you locked in.  I'll take a size 8 pretty please!
       This is my new favorite brush I use it everyday for almost every style.  I use it to blow dry, de-tangle, and pull back into a sleek pony or messy bun.  The distance of each bristle allows for easy brushing through wet or dry hair without tugging too hard at the roots, leaving your hair on your head and not the brush.  
      I know that primers, especially eyelash primers are deemed as a hassle, waste of time, and irrelevant; but trust me they are not!  Thanks to my lovely Nana, she always gives me some of her left over Estēe Lauder makeup.  In her latest give away, I received seven tubes of this magic! At first I paid little attention to them, but for a special occasion I tried it out.  After I had curled my lashes I applied the primer and then my mascara; it made a dramatic difference!  My lashes were longer, clump-free, and stayed curled ALL day with NO smudging. I now rarely go a day without it and I expect you to do the same.    

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