Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday's Three (Late)

I promised a Valentine's Day Thursday's Three but an illness and a trip to Disneyland for V-Day with my special someone kept me away from the computer (which I didn't mind).  

      Prabal Gurung, a designer showcased during NY Fashion Week, has brought his vibrant designs to Target for a limited time.  This color block dress is super fun and flirty for spring.  The strip down the middle also adds a slimming affect.  
      I live by these hair ties.  They come in bright fun colors perfect for spring.  Whether you are wearing them in your hair or on your wrist it will be a nice fashion or hair accessory. Bonus...they don't leave those dreaded creases in your hair! 
     This lip gloss will forever have a place in my purse, makeup bag, and go-to makeup look.  This clear goes on silky and changes to the perfect hue of bright pink.  Don't be intimidated by it's hue when you first try it the longer its on the more it seeps into your lips and the more you will fall in love with it. Trust me. 

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