Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beauty Makeup Can't Provide

Makeup can only enhance the beauty of your face and hide blemishes and insecurities there.  But what makeup can't hide is the insecurities you have with your body.  When your body is fit and healthy that is when it is truly beautiful.  
Though you may not find me in the gym everyday and only snacking on fruits and veggies, I do hold my health and fitness to a high priority.  Working out and having a healthy diet is the only guarantee for me to feel 100% confident, even without makeup. 
These 4 women are my fitness gurus.

Meet Karena (right) and Katrina (left)
These are the girls who started Tone It Up, a fitness community for women of all ages.  I found TIU through Twitter and instantly got hooked.  I purchased the lifetime membership for $150, which included their scientifically proven diet plan/cookbook and workout handbook.  Being a lifetime member means I will receive any updates, whether it be recipes, workouts, challenges, anything forever!  I also own their Beach Babe DVD which is an absolutely phenomenal and challenging workout that targets every part of your body.
So head on over to their site and Tone It Up!

Say hello to Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates.  I have recently found Cassey through my Tone It Up girls and have become addicted! I instantly ordered her POP Pilates DVD and now I know why celebs hail to the pilate gods for their great bodies.  Pilates combines the yoga and strength training, so that you can achieve the long and lean body everyone craves. 

To round out my fitness gurus is Sarah of Sarah  Sarah has an amazing YouTube channel that is filled with amazing workouts and daily tips for eating.  Her blog correlates with her channel and she is also close friends with the Tone It Up girls and Cassey Ho.  

All 4 of the women want to help you be the most beautiful you can be.  Head over to their websites and find out which lady's fitness style works for or if combine them all like me.  Start sweatin' and getting fit and healthy in time for summer! 

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