Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best: Eyeliners

The Best: Eyeliners

Eyeliner is one of the products I love to play around with the most.
Whether you are creating a cat eye or dramatic wing you can do so much.
My challenge for all of you though is to branch out of the usual black or brown and play around with colors.  You will be amazed at how great your eyes will look.

P E N C I L 
    Urban Decay hands down makes the best colored eye pencils.  They are super creamy and last forever.  I love how blendable they are too! My favorites are Crash, Covet, El Dorado, and Binge. 
(These are the ones I wear on a daily basis.)

G E L 
MAC Fluidline - $16 
    I love gel eyeliner because I find it the easiest to work with. MAC Fluidline is perfect for all you winged out ladies.  It is super pigmented and won't budge all day. 

M A R K E R 
    This as quickly become a holy grail eyeliner for thousands of people.  The pen doesn't dry out and the tip is the perfect thickness to allow for thin and thick applications. I personally am not a fan of marker eyeliners because in all my experiences they dry out half way through the line, but I might just have to try again from the rave reviews I have been hearing. 

F E L T  T I P 
    I like felt tip brushes better than markers because you can dip back into the tube to get more product whenever you please.  This Maybelline eyeliner is really easy to use and is great for beginners. 

Do you wear eyeliner on the daily?
What color is your go-to? 

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  1. Definitely give the Jordana Fabuliner a try! Its definitely one of my favorite marker eyeliner I have tried! I have had the same one for over four months and its still going strong! I really like the brown one which is less harsh than the black, but still is rather dark! And even if you don't love it didn't break the bank! :)