Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Principle of Primer

Wedding Wednesday: Primer

No matter what time your wedding is at you will surely have your makeup on for at least 10 hours.  In those 10 hours you will be under the sun taking pictures, maybe on a stage of a banquet hall, and definitely on the dance floor.  Your makeup needs to look just as fresh and flawless as it was the moment you saw yourself unveiled by the makeup artist. While you can leave much of the makeup up to your makeup artist, if you have one, but a primer is something you should test out in the months prior. To help the selection be a little easier I've put together 4 primers perfect for every skin type. 

D R Y 

     Many dry skinned damsels flee at the sight of primers because they are usually linked to mattifying the skin of oil which will only accentuate the dry patches on their faces.  But no need to  be in distress any longer, this primer by Smashbox is formulated to hydrate the skin.  It will smooth over the dry patches and help makeup lay on top evenly. 


    The Hourlgass primer is a tried and true product by all oily gals.  It's most reigning achievement is how incredibly light weight it feels on the skin unlike most mattifying primers.  Many reviewers post of 12-16 hours of wear for their makeup! 

     This formula minimizes pores like a dream.  Like the Hourglass it boasts of 12 hour wear.  It also is incredibly fast absorbing, which leaves your skin feeling fresh rather than stuck with another layer of makeup. 

C O M B O 

     If you struggle with dryness on your cheeks and oil in the t-zone then come over and join the combo club.  I personally love this Too Faced primer.  It has a flesh tone color which aids in evening out the skin and leaves your face looking poreless.  My favorite feature is how it is oddly hydrating yet mattifying in all the right places. 

Hopefully this list helps in your search for the perfect primer. My biggest tip when testing out primers is to ask for samples.  They can usually last you about 1-2 weeks of use and perfect time to test it out for all days and occasions. 

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