Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday's Three: Spring Essentials

Thursday's Three: March 28, 2013

       The denim jacket is timeless piece.  Confession: I have owned the same one since I was 10, it is a kids large from the Gap! I have been living in mine this past year and know I will get even more use out of it as the warmer months approach.  Because you can get many years of wear out of these gems it's okay to splurge a little for a good quality piece.  
       If you know me well you know I wear hats much more than I should.  According to my mother, I have been this way since I was little; in preschool I wouldn't leave the house without one.  Floppy hats are perfect for Spring and Summer.  Maxi dress, big sunnies, and a floppy hat...the perfect beach outfit.  
       You don't need to cover your face with loads of foundation during spring and summer since it will either end up the pool or smeared all over your towel.  Concealer is the only must to cover any problem areas.  This MAC concealer is super hydrating and won't dry out. 


  1. oh my goodness, that hat is beyond adorable. Lovely post, hun. If you get a minute, I'd love if you could swing by. xo

    1. Seriously having a fan girl moment! I have been following your blog since you were a finalist on Lauren Conrad's blog contest, (I voted for you). Thanks for visiting my little blog; I hope one day it can be as successful as yours, but even if it doesn't I am doing what I love.