Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday's Three

        I have had these Madewells tucked in the bottom of my denim drawer for quite some time.  I decided to give em a go and don't now they sit will sit at the top of my drawer.  Super comfy, perfectly skinny, and the high rise waist is very flattering and looks super cute with any top of sweater tucked in just on the side. 
2.  Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam - price varies
       HOLY GRAIL product! After 19 years of frizzy curly hair, I have found the one product that manages to get rid of it completely.  This Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam is my hair savior.  The added conditioning gives my parched strands the moisture it needs to stay frizz free and smooth.  
      Winter has finally passed, but my pale skin hasn't received the memo quite yet.  Instead I took matters into my own hands and got the Jergens Natural Glow line for both face and body.  I have received great results and this has now become my daily moisturizer. The added self-tanner smell!  Now you really can fool everyone in thinking you spent your weekends sun bathing on the beach. 

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