Friday, June 28, 2013

Inside My Beauty Boxes: BIRCHBOX

This month's BIRCHBOX theme was Wanderlust and they also are sporting a new logo 
(I'm not really feelin' it, I miss my pink box *tear*).
Birchbox wanted to help us get ready for our summer vacations and look great! 
Let's take a look inside my BIRCHBOX.

Full Size
amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask - $40 for 16.9 fl. oz

Sample Size
$1.60 for 0.67 fl. oz

This conditioning mask is all natural and organic.  I enjoyed the smell of this mask and it definitely lingered in my hair all day, which is a plus. The only thing I didn't enjoy was that it didn't make my hair easy to brush through after my shower.  My hair felt tight and a little knotty. 

Rating: 3 stars

Full Size
Color Club Wanderlust Collection - $8 for four mini polishes

Sample Size
$2 for 1 mini polish

Every BIRCHBOX subscriber received one of the colors from this collection.  I received the purple, Pardon my French, and love it! I really hoped for the bright coral but for only $8, I might just buy them all! I love getting these polishes, keep them coming BIRCHBOX.

Rating: 5 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$11.55 for 0.33 fl. oz

Priming Moisturizer? Yes, please!!

Rating: 5 stars

Full Size
 Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser - $32.95 for 4 oz

Sample Size 
$8.24 for 1 oz

This fresh lemon scent was very invigorating and lovely.  The formula is also quite fun.  It goes from a sugar/bead to foam.  Though I enjoyed the experience I didn't see noticeable smoothness like it promised.  P.S. DO NOT GET INSIDE YOUR EYES, I wanted to gauge my eyes out!

Rating: 2 stars

Full Size

Sample Size
$2.50 for 1 full size lip butter

I received the citrus flavor (not pictured in the set) and I love the scent and taste! It feels very moisturizing but my heart still holds my Burt's Bees much closer. 

Rating: 4 stars 

Full Size

Sample Size
$4.38 for 1 oz

Love love love this body butter.  The smell is amazing and the texture is so luxurious.  This lotion promises a tightening effect and I would approve of that promise.  I would buy this full size if it wasn't for the hefty price tag.

Rating: 5 stars (times a thousand)


Retail Price: $125.94 (full size) $30.27 (sample size)
Box Cost: $10
Full Size Products: 2

Come back soon for a look inside my Ipsy Glam Bag! 
Let's see who won this month's beauty box battle.

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