Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everyday Face

Although I am not one to wear the same makeup everyday, I do believe every woman should have an "everyday face" that can put on in less than 5 minutes. 
It's perfect for those days where you might have hit the alarm a few more times than you should have or just a lazy day around the house and running a few errands. 


   Sometimes I skip foundation all together, but when I want a little coverage to even out my skin tone this is what I turn to.  Creamy, easy to blend, and has SPF!  For those with oiler complexions there is a formula for that too. 

   This is my new favorite concealer! It has a very full coverage and thick consistency.  My eye area is drier than the rest of my skin so this has the perfect amount of moisture to keep my under eyes looking smooth.  I wouldn't use this for blemishes though because it takes while to set up even with a powder. 

   My dull winter skin is still in full swing, so bronzer is a must to warm it up.  This bronzer is very pigmented, so a light hand is advised.  Using a duo fiber or stippling brush will help give a lighter application.  Though, I would tell fairer ladies to look elsewhere.  The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is a good alternative. 

  This light pink blush with gold flecks adds a natural glow to the skin.  Though the price seems favorable, the blush can be a bit chunky and fades quicker than most.  But that's to be expected for the price. 

   This is will probably be the only highlighter I will ever ned in my life.  The pigmentation, the consistency, the color....everything is just perfect. I like to apply mine on the tops of the cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose with a fan brush.

E Y E S 

   If you haven't tried the Color Tattoos you are definitely missing out.  They are the quickest eyeshadow look you can get and all you need is your fingers to blend it out.  My favorite shade is Bad to the Bronze but for lighter days Barely Branded is great for opening up the eyes.  If you have oily eyelids that easily crease I suggest using a eyeshadow primer when using the "metal" shades. 

   Lightly lining the upper lid will add major definition to your eyes.  Black is a little too harsh for this fresh faced look so stick to brown.  It will look more natural. 

   This mascara can seem daunting at first.  The first couple times I used it it was a clumpy mess.  Some mascara you really have to work at the lash line to get it to build volume, but this one doesn't require that at all.  Gently and evenly work your way up the lash, and one coat is usually enough unlike most mascara. 

   Filling in your eyebrows can change your whole face, for the better! The hard part is finding a color.  This product stops the guessing game because this universal shades works for everyone. 

L I P S 

   For an easy look all you need is a light color and moisture.  Baby Lips are a great combo of this. 


  1. The make up looks incredible!!! That BB cream looks off the charts amazing! Love the packaging too!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

    1. Thank you! The BB Cream is as amazing as it looks, I highly recommend.
      xox Logan

  2. I so need to get my hands onto the mary lou manizer. I need some glow for the summer month!! Lovely picks!

    1. It's an absolute must. I don't know what I would do without it.
      xox Logan