Saturday, July 20, 2013

Everyday Makeup: Summer Edition

Everyday Makeup: Summer Edition

Summer is the season to ditch the full coverage foundation and liquid liners and perfect the "no makeup" makeup look.
Here is what I use in the summertime.

    Summer is the time to embrace your skin and let it breath, but let's be honest, no one is walking out the front door without their under-eye bags and blemishes covered up. This concealer from MAC is very moisturizing, so it won't cake up. 
    This BB cream is my absolute favorite on the market.  It has good coverage without feeling like foundation.  It also has SPF making it perfect for summer and it also comes in many formulas: combo/oily, normal/dry, and anti-aging. 
    The color may look intimidating but it comes off very subtly. To get the perfect glow, use a stippling brush to pick up less product and dust it all over your face...conservatively!
    I have raved about this product many times on this blog, so I'm sure I don't need to explain why this is in my everyday routine.  Use a fan brush to brush this along your cheekbones, the top of the brow, and down your nose for a mermaid like shimmer.
5. Pixi Week of Wakeup Make Up Set - $42.43 $27.07
    I don't have an everyday eye look, so I thought this palette would be perfect to share.  This palette has an eyeshadow trio, blush, and lipgloss for EACH day of the week!  I use this constantly when I need I am in a hurry. 
    I am all about mascara combos to make the most of my dreary lashes. I use Flamed Out first to hold the curl and give lots of volume. 
    The next in my combo is this glorious product! It enhances the curl even more and separates any clumps.  I bring this around in my bag everyday because it is just THAT good. 

What is your Summer look?
Do you ditch the full face too?

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