Saturday, August 10, 2013

All Natural Style Secrets

I am not an "eco" person on an everyday basis. 
But there are some days when I am feeling particularly "green."
I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences this.  It's those days where you choose fruit over fruit loops, take the stairs instead of the elevator, drink water rather than your usual Diet Coke,
and decide to stick to your workout routine this week. 
When your "green" phase is inevitably over after 3 days
you can still implement some natural/organic products in your beauty routine.
Here are my favorite
All Natural Style Secrets

All Natural Style Secrets

(starting left to right)

  Perfectly peach color that will suit any skin tone! 
  The most popular all natural foundation that will leave you with the perfect matte and natural finish. 
  This is my newest love for all natural skin care.  Seventh Generation, an all natural organic company, has introduced their 6 new Boosts (hydrating, soothing, clearing, firming, revitalizing, protecting).  I have been using the Firming with Baobab daily after I have cleansed my face but while it is still damp.  It absorbs super quickly, doesn't clog my pores or leave my skin feeling heavy, and it is 100% biobased.  The Firming formulation will help with fine lines and lack luster skin.  After using it you will find your skin looking more youthful and tighter in those trouble areas around your eyes and lips. 
  This natural brush is incredibly soft and will blend products beautifully.  Don't think you can only use this for bronzer, it blends mineral makeup beautifully. 
  I am a loyal customer of all things Burt's Bees, they can do no wrong in my book.  This lip gloss is super smooth and tastes incredible. 
  Physician Formula is the most popular organic drugstore brand and they build their good reputation with every product.  This mascara is 100% natural, contains lash lengthening minerals, and it's pretty (that's all that really matters, right?). 
  Even your nail polish can be natural! SpaRitual is known for their all natural ingredients.  They have a huge color range that are greatly pigmented and don't leave your nails feeling dry and brittle after taking it off. 
  Being a curly girl myself, I swear by DevaCurl! I recently just learned of their natural line which makes me love them even more. 

How do you stay pretty using natural products?
Tell me your all natural style secrets!

I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.

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