Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skin Savior

Say hello to the newest staple in my skin care routine, the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System.  

I had seen, heard, and read so many great things about the Clarisonic, a vibrating and rotating cleansing brush, and was dying to get my hands on one -- that was until I saw the price tag.  $200 for a rotating brush?! I could not find any reason to justify buying it, so I went on the hunt for a comparable and budget-friendly dupe.  

After a quick Google search and reading many reviews I decided to buy the Olay Pro X.  I went home and immediately had to try it out.  The brush was so soft and the tool came with 2-speeds, one for exfoliating (fastest) and one for gentle cleansing (slowest).  After using it my skin felt truly clean for the first time ever. This feeling was proven when my cotton pad of toner came off completely clean.  Because it created the smoothest canvas, my moisturizer kept my face supple longer and made my makeup last longer as well.  

This is a must buy for everyone!  It works with any cleanser, exfoliate, and scrub and makes your product actually do the job it claims to do (blackhead remover, makeup remover, ect.).  You will not regret this purchase at all AND it does just as good a job as the $200 Clarisonic does.

Achieve your freshest face with the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System.      

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