Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Three: Texture

Today's Thursday's Three is all about texture!  Texture is very important to incorporate in some way everyday.  It adds intrigue, life, and some spunk to your look and day.  

            This skirt is playing with two trends: leather and a circle cut.  The circle cut gives a playfulness to the leather so it does not appear too harshly.  And let's face it, you walk out of the house in a leather skirt you are gonna look and feel pretty darn chic, am i right? 
            I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this spray! Any girl who loves those effortless beach waves needs to own this product.  You get the wave without the crunch like most sprays.  As a California girl, this product is always my go-to styling products to recreate the beach, without having to suffer through the grueling task of getting every bit of sand that seems to super-glue itself to your scalp for a week.
            I even like my makeup British! This British based company makes phenomenal products, that I currently have been obsessed with.  The texture of liquid liner is so smooth and silky; it never cracks or creases like so many other liquid liners.  I especially love the olive color because it is a subtle way to break away from the blah black.  I currently own the olive and navy colors and I encourage you to do the same. Cheers! 

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