Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best of the Golden Globes 2013

It's finally AWARDS SEASON! So many great movies and television to celebrate in 2012, from a tear-jerking and beautifully acted Les Miserables to a thrilling patriotic film like Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty.  Although I love engaging with the characters and feeling like a part of their world for two hours in a dark theatre, I think the most driving force for me to pay $12.50 a ticket is knowing in a few months these actors will step onto a red carpet with couture gowns, swoon-worthy hair, and jaw-dropping jewelry.  It gives me the opportunity, an opportunity I gladly accept, to drool in front of the TV screen and imagine what it would really feel like for a Chanel couture gown to touch my skin.  But since that will forever stay a dream, I will make up for it by researching about the ins and outs of red-carpet style.  

Now onto the first award show of the year the 2013 Golden Globes!

Last night on the Golden Globes we saw so many amazing looks and today I'd like to highlight my three favorite of the night.  

1. Anne Hathaway wearing Chanel Couture. Anne is an awards show pro! She finds the perfect combination of daring and elegant.  It might be the honeymoon glow that helps her porcelain perfect skin shine, but it is also highlighted by the winter white hue of her gown and the crystal embellishments.  The semi-peplum top paired with a structured bottom creates the most beautiful silhouette on her small and dainty frame.  I can't wait to see her at the Academy Awards. 
2. Michelle Dockery wearing Alexandre Vauthier Couture.  If don't know who this is then I demand you to leave my blog, get a Netflix account, and start watching Downton Abbey! (Tip: Fight through the first episode, trust me they redeem themselves for that mess of an episode.)  Michelle has won my heart with her role of Mary in Downton (I won't say anything else, not to spoil any of it, for you crazies who haven't watched it).  The two-tone hue, lace, structured shoulders, and high neck may seem like a hot mess, but the colors are neutral yet pigmented enough to perfectly balance them all out.  I also particularly love that it seems to be a modern take on Mary's style. 
3.  Naomi Watts wearing Zac Posen. Naomi wears the very "in" oxblood color beautifully and the dimensionality of the dress is breathtaking, well done Zac. The modest cutout in the front makes the look appropriate for the occasion (unlike Jessica Chastain's...yikes) and the large and deep cutout in the back adds drama.  This dress is an A+ in my book because of its stunning walking in and walking out.  

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  1. By the way, how hot is anne hathaway's hair? Makes me want to chop mine. Not really, but kind of.

    1. I'm picturing it in my hands and I honestly feel like you could pull it off really well.