Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three - Jan 10

Thursday's Three - Jan 10 by logan-christine

Every Thursday I will be featuring "Thursday's Three."  TT's will include one fashion, one beauty, and one hair product I am currently lusting or loving that week.  I will try to include links for easy access to get your hands on them.  

1. Cambridge Satchel Company The Metallics Line - £75 (new reduced sale price) 
            As you know I adore all thing British and this British company makes the "it" bags for the past year.  These satchels are cute, versatile, and make a great statement bag for any outfit.  This gold or rose colored bad is great because it makes a statement with the metallic but in a very wearable color.  
            This cream is the must-have cream in any makeup connoisseur's collection.  This French based company's miracle cream is handled by all top makeup artist and model.  If you are looking for soft, silky skin then you need this skin saver. 
            This weekly recovery mask is perfect for you ladies with damaged or frizzy hair.  I am a curly-haired lady myself, and with frequent heat stylers and blow-dryers -- well, let's just say my hair has seen better days-- I need a deep conditioning mask that will help cinch in my split ends.  What I love is this mask hydrates and smooths with the most delicious fruit scent.  

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